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Does our Radio know how to write? Acadia can teach!


Reach your audience differently, transmitting by text much more than just the name of your Radio and Music.


Encoder RDS/RBDS, TCP/IP, USB, RS-232, Oled


Data generator / encoder for text messages transmitions through the conventional FM analog system station. The Acadia encoder was developed to work on both European standard RDS and American standard RBDS. It can transmit texts and commands for FM receivers that are compatible with this technology. It has a web interface for the equipment settings through a computer and a Jog Wheel combined with a OLED display on the front panel that allow the user to access and change the equipment parameters quickly and easily directly on the panel.


As the main differential, the equipment has a web interface to access and extremely friendly and easy to operate setting including a dedicated area for quick messages, this area is separated from the equipments configuration page and can be available to the stations broadcaster/operator to send quick messages to the listeners as a way to a greater interaction with the listeners without compromising the equipment settings security.


acadia front

Besides all these functions, Acadia also has a GPIO interface that can be used as a (simple) remote supervision control of the transmission cover (for example). Besides de GPIO the equipment has a USB port on the front panel and another one on the back panel for a fast conection with the computer, a ethernet port, a RS-232 interface and the connections for Traffic Announcements and inputs and outputs of RDS/RBDS signal and synchronism.


There are several factors and technical advantages that make it the most complete encoder RDS/RBDS existent nowdays for an extremely competitive price.


With Acadia, in addition to informing your listener you can still increase the billing of your station, exploring commercially the text message transmission. Want to be complete and different? Use Acadia in your studio and open new interaction doors with your listeners! Besides talking, now you can also write…



acadia back


Provided in rack 19” standard width with brushed stainless steel panel with a high standard finishing.


Power input Full Range – 90 to 240V / 47 to 63Hz.



  • Rack standard (W x H x D):
  • 482,6 mm x 44,5 mm x 230 mm;
  • 19” x 1,75” x 9,05” pol.;



  • 2,15 Kg without package;
  • 3,15 Kg with package.



  • 0,024273m³


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