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for Broadcast.


Audio Processor, On Air, FM, 5 Bands, Digital


Audio processor with digital DSP technology specially developed for audio processing and modulation control on FM radio stations.


Has digital and analog audio input and output format and an internal digital stereo encoder with highly professional performance (>80 dB @ 10Hz-16KHz) to send direct signal to the transmitter or link.


Processes two audio channels (left and right) has AGC inputs divided into 2 separate bands and a processing multiband with AGCs and limiters in 5 independent bands, plus a unique control intelligent pre-emphasis.



dap4 fm front

It has specific tools and resources for processing in FM that provide extremely competitive and high fidelity audio in the air. Enhancer of bass, middle and treble and stereo expansion incorporated into the product.


Can be controlled by software from anywhere through the internet or locally through a USB connection with your reading and a control software that is completely dynamic, enjoyable, intuitive and easy to operate.


The equipment already has 20 factory predefined presets for several different types of programming: rock, pop, generic, harmonic, etc. and 20 more presets that can be customized by the user. Its also possible to schedule the automatic preset change during the day or during the week.


dap4 fm back


It has a touch screen display on the front panel that allow to access some of the control parameters and readings of the equipment.


Provided in rack 19” standard width and two unit rack height (2UR) and 34cm deep in high standard finishing in brushed stainless steel.



  • Rack standard (W x H x D):
  • 482,6 mm x 89 mm x 340 mm;
  • 19” x 3,50” x 13,39” pol.;



  • 4,15 Kg without package;
  • 5,60 Kg with package.



  • 0,047853m³


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