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Microphone Arm, Flex Arm


A microphone arm composed by two double aluminum rods with the length of 40cm each and 4 preassure springs that sustains microphones with more than 2Kg. The rods are made of steel and aluminium, coated with powder paint, applied using an electrostatic process that increases its durability compared to conventional painting processes.


When all opened up the rods reach up to 80cm length.


flex arm


The springs can be adjusted in 6 different positions alternating its preassure to support different microphones models, brands and weights.


The other parts that make up the FLEX-ARM are anti-oxidant-plated nickel, resistant to weather without damage over the years.


FLEX-ARM was designed by radio professionals that know the real needs and most important characteristics for a good microphone support, so the product does not transmit to the microphone any vibration during handling, be it in horizontal or vertical round movements, performing smooth and continuous movements.


It has an internal opening to pass the audio cable and different bases for installation.


Available on the colors: Beige, gray and black.


Package dimentions (W x H x D)

  • 108,0 mm x 496,0 mm x 72,0 mm;
  • 4,25” x 19,53” x 2,83” pol.;



  • 1,30 Kg without package;
  • 1,43 Kg with package.



  • 0,003857m³
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