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Light Warning, “On Air”


The warning light ON AIR has the function to warn a visitor or audio operator that a microphone inside the studio is functioning.


With clean, modern, pleasant and refined finish design, the product is suitable for any type of installation and studio. Built in clear acrylic material, has high brightness LEDs that generates a bright red light when activated.


Can be powered directly by the electric grid with tensions that may vary between 90 and 240Vac with very low current consumption.


Its LED technology provides a very attractive luminous effect and a very long life (>100.000 hours) without the need to change the lamps. Its provided in two installing versions upwards (TABLE) or downwards (CEILING) with support options for side or linear assembly allowing different types of installations.


Package dimentions (W x H x D)

  • 320,0 mm x 37,0 mm x 310,0 mm;
  • 12,60” x 1,46” x 12,20” pol.;



  • 0,55 Kg without package;
  • 0,74 Kg with package.



  • 0,003671m³
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