Audio Processors

OnAir processors in analog and digital versions. Technological innovation and pioneering for its broadcaster.

RDS Encoder

Reach your audience in a different way, transmitting via text much more than the name of the Issuer and Music.

Telephone Hybrids

Hybrid phone interfaces, rack or overlay standard cabinet versions, for use in radio and television studios.

Signal Distributors

Professional distribution of Audio and Headphones, structured and with correct audio levels.

Radio Receivers

Professional radio receivers, AM / FM, with high fidelity for audio monitoring applications transmitted in studios.


More than a simple accessory, they are equipments of high standard and that collaborate for an efficient and harmonious use of the environment.


In tune with the most complete studios, they allow more dynamism and interaction, with comfort and space for various equipment and devices.

Biquad is present on several radios in Brazil with the best of technology. For this and other reasons, it deserves all my affection and respect. I'm a fan of Biquad.

Toninho Bondade
Audio Operator Rádio Globo

Me surpreendi com o design do produto, porém quando fomos ouvi-lo a surpresa foi ainda maior. Sua superioridade sonora foi tão evidente que o DAP4 nunca mais saiu do nosso rack de equipamentos.

Nilton dos Santos
Jovem Pan Joinville/SC Manager

Muito nível, o processador segura muito bem os picos de alta. Ele se mostrou superior ao Omnia 6 que possuimos aqui na emissora, tem enorme grave, AGC funcionando perfeitamente. Muito bom mesmo!

José Cláudio Barbeado (Formiga)
Technical Advisor