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  • Built with aluminum tubes with anodized finish in 2 different colors: silver and black;
  • Injected pieces in high mechanical strength polyamide;
  • Springs and pressure system with steel cable mounted inside the product;
  • Pressure adjustment of the springs to support microphones up to 4,4 lbs (2kg);
  • High quality and exclusive audio cables with individually shielded incorporated to the product;
  • 3 different sizes: 19,68” (50cm), 31,49“ (80cm) and 39,37” (100cm);
  • Different assembly possibilities and many working angles;
  • Fluid, ergonomic and modern, drawn in a renowned professional studio design;
  • Top quality and high durability parts;
  • “ON AIR”  Microphone indicator with high brightness LED that is able to work with voltages among 3.5 to 24V with only 40mA;
  • Future expansion of the accessory line with 100% compatibility;
  • 4 different models of mounting bases: Bushing, Table Clamp, Table Mount, Table Trought Mount.

* Para Drive ON AIR indicator, the audio console must be prepared for this feature through a GPO or output relay.

Mounting Bases


Base Bushing



  • Extremely robust construction;
  • Injected in Zamak;
  • Can be used in every line of TOP ARM products;
  • Requires drilling table;
  • Discreet and functional;
  • Maximum thickness of the table for installation: 45mm;





Base Table Clamp, Table Mount e Table Trough Mount



  • Extremely robust construction;
  • Injected in Zamak and high resistance polyamide;
  • Serves any need for installation, can be installed on any type of table;
  • 3 different models to meet different types of installations;
  • Extends the height of the support up to 12 cm;
  • Colored ring to give a touch of style in your product.




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