Time Line

  • Foundation of the company;
  • Participation of the incubator of companies of the National Institute of Telecommunications (Inatel)
  • Launch of the 1st product – APG 01 analog audio processor.
  • First export of Biquad products to USA.
  • Complementation of the product line with the representation of other brands.
  • Creation of the complete assembly service of radio stations and studios.
  • In that same year, processors and hybrids were exported to more than 10 different countries.
  • Biquad leaves the INATEL incubator to settle in a new, larger, university-independent headquarters.
  • Significant increase in the number of employees of the company.
  • Optimization of productive processes.
  • The Company receives capital contributions from SEBRAE and FAPEMIG for the development of innovative projects.
  • Extension of the Biquad brand product line.
  • Change of company to new headquarters (current).
  • Record of exports achieved with the feasibility of a project to install a network of radio stations in Africa.
  • Launch of the DAP4 digital audio processor.
  • Exponential growth.
  • Consolidation in the market as the pioneer in digital audio processing in Brazil.
  • Company is awarded the “Sinhá Moreira” Commendation, elected as representative of Technological Innovation in the Valley of Electronics.
  • Launch of 2 new products: Articulated Support TopArm and RDS Acadia
  • PUNCH Launch

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