Who We Are

Founded in 2000 in the city of Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Biquad Tecnologia is a leader in the professional audio and broadcasting segment, offering to the market technological innovations that value the cost-benefit of its products to make them more and more attractive.

Investing in BIQUAD equipment is safe, since you do not only purchase a product of excellent provenance, but also full time technical support with personalized service to solve doubts and assist in the operation of the products.

When it comes to broadcasting the company is able to design a complete broadcast in a bold and detailed manner combining quality and functionality. The product portfolio is complete and has a refined finish, transforming studios with elegance, organization and beauty.

Through constant know-how and research, Biquad is always working on the development of new technologies.
We are the ideal partner of radio and television stations to provide Equipment and Accessories such as: Digital and Analog Audio Processors, Telephone Hybrids, FM Drivers, Reference Recievers, Audio Distributors and Headphones, Studio Furniture, Luminous Notices, Phantom Power, Articulated Microphone Stands, Acoustic Coating, Audio Consoles and more.

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