Infinite possibilities in a one Rack unit

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Infinite possibilities in a one Rack unit
Biquad reinvents itself and launches its newest Digital Audio Processor at the NAB Show 2018

Acting in the Broadcast market since 2000, Biquad is a technology-based company that develops and manufactures equipment and accessories for radio and TV broadcasters. Specialist in intelligent solutions for Broadcast, it offers to the market technological innovations that value by the cost-benefit of its products, making them more and more attractive. In the 2018 edition of NAB Show the company will uniquely present PUNCH, its latest release.

With only 1 Rack unit, the PUNCH, is a digital DSP audio processor that can be configured to use on AM and FM stations and includes card options that extend its functionality. With an intelligent AGC input and 5 independent processing bands with sophisticated algorithms masking distortions, the equipment provides an extremely powerful sound without artifacts, clean, clear and defined sounds, allowing the station to have an extremely competitiveness sound in the air with a very low price.

The new processor has high technology and can be considered as unique in its price category and is currently the most cost-effective equipment on the market. Among the main characteristics we can mention:

  • Digital MPX output in AES standard (connected to modern RF modulators / exciters);
  • Additional card options that extend its functionality:
    • IP CARD: AES67 RAVENNA, DANTE and LIVEWIRE protocols;
    • Stream CARD: internet transmission without PC;
  • PC-based control software highly intuitive and easy to operate;
  • Ethernet port for remote communication with control software (from anywhere in the world);
  • USB port for direct communication with PC;
  • Audio inputs and outputs (analog and digital);
  • Analog and sync MPX outputs with RDS / RBDS encoder.

In addition to the launch of the new processor, the company will also bring to Las Vegas a large part of its intelligent broadcast solutions, which include the already famous Top Arm (Microphone Arm), Acadia (RDB / RBDS encoder) and MStudio (line of modular furniture studio).

To know all these news and everything else that Biquad Broadcast can offer, visit us at Booth SU1721 – South Hall (upper). The NAB Show, the largest and most representative business event and broadcast technology in the World, will be held April 9-11 in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center.