North America welcomes Top Arm

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North America welcomes Top Arm
United States, Canada and Mexico now has authorized distribution of Biquad Broadcast

Biquad, a specialist in broadcast solutions, in partnership with BIT Digital, presents another novelty to the North American market: the built-in microphone stand with “ON AIR” indicator and fluid design called TOP ARM.

More than just a simple accessory, the TOP ARM is a high standard equipment that contributes to an efficient and harmonious use of the environment. Its modern design allows a greater visual integration with the Radio, TV and Recording studios. It has several forms of fixation, smooth and precise movements, besides a lot of versatility of operation, allowing the positioning of the microphone exactly where the user wishes.

TOP ARM support is available in two different lengths, 50 and 80cm, in addition to 3 different colors: black, silver and gold.

To create a more practical and safe environment, the Biquad included in the product a LED on its end that indicates to the user that the microphone is “open” or in use. This indicator has excellent brightness even in very light environments with low current consumption. The integrity of the microphone signal is guaranteed, as the TOP ARM comes with an exceptional quality cable for audio signal traffic plus leds power, this cable has individual shields to ensure maximum immunity to noise.

Until then distributed in South America and Europe, TOP ARM reached more than 900 units sold in 2016. “It is certainly a differentiated product that has already captured the Brazilian market and will now be available at BIT Digital throughout North America “Says Renata Braga, general manager for international sales of Biquad. With the recent partnership, the Brazilian company expects a 40% increase in equipment sales in 2017.

For logistics and distribution in North America, Biquad is partnering with BIT Digital, based in Miami, working with the most renowned brands in the market, bringing excellence to the worldwide broadcast community. With a focus on distribution, the company provides radio stations with differentiated conditions for acquiring the best equipment. In addition to Biquad’s Top Arm, BIT Digital will have the ALO Nano Hybrid, the HP 600 headphone distributor, the Tunner M2 radio receiver and the On Air light.

“Bit Digital is very happy and excited to be able to help Biquad with the distribution of TOP ARM, which is a very solid and professional equipment. In addition, we have access to the distributor of HP 600 headphones, as well as the ALO Nano telephone hybrid, at extremely competitive costs. Our alliance will benefit customers across the region, “said Juan Punyed (, BIT’s Business Manager.

Also in 2017, Biquad, which always invests in constant innovations, intends to start the commercialization of its latest launch: the MStudio line of modular furniture. To know more about the intelligent solutions that Biquad can provide, go to or contact