Technology and innovation ensure relevant development

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Technology and innovation ensure relevant development

Biquad Broadcast expands its business worldwide and predicts growth in the second half of 2017

Acting in the Broadcast market since 2000, Biquad is a Brazilian technology-based company that develops, manufactures and markets equipment and accessories for radio and TV broadcasters. Specialist in intelligent solutions for Broadcast, it offers to the market technological innovations that value by the cost-benefit of its products, making them more and more attractive. For the second half of 2017, the company brings news to the market.


On NAB Show 2017, the company presented ts latest launch: the line of modular furniture MStudio. Coming to the market at the end of 2017, the exclusive novelty has already attracted the attention of many in the market.

Built specifically for the broadcast market, this innovative line of furniture can be made up of several types of modules, which come together in a variety of ways to fit any type and size of studio. That is, the pieces have geometries that allow infinite arrangements to adapt to different needs. As a result of long research and testing, the technology applied to modular furniture stimulates new sensations and experiences on the part of the user, creating a relationship between him, the furniture and the environment. With more modern lines, current textures and differentiated design, Biquad’s MStudio line presents itself as a differentiated and definitive solution.

Global Presence

Today, Biquad has strategic contacts in all continents of the planet, ensuring distribution and technical support to more than 40 countries. Dealers, as they are called, operate individually in selected regions of the globe to bring Biquad technology to broadcasters and studios of varying sizes.

The businesses, which were recently closed, further increase the capillarity of Biquad’s portfolio of solutions. With the partnerships, still in the year 2017, the company intends to expand sales of branded products by 30%, in addition to working for more partnerships with international distributors. “Our partnerships for USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Chile prove that we can deliver our solutions not only in Brazil but also in other world markets. And this is a challenge we have to face, “says Renata Braga, responsible for Biquad’s international sales.

AM Migration

The Decree authorizing the migration of AM to FM broadcasters was signed in 2013 in Brazil, and since then Biquad has become an important partner of the Brazilian broadcaster. With special prices and differentiated conditions, the migrant broadcasters have in Biquad numerous facilities in acquiring the best equipment to operate with everything in the new frequency.

“In FM, broadcasters will have easier tuning and superior audio quality. However, this superiority will depend a lot on the origin of the equipment that is acquired, “explains André Salvador, CEO of Biquad. “Our equipment is international reference and therefore we guarantee the quality and competitiveness of them. We are totally at the disposal of broadcasters to assist them in the entire process of buying the best equipment, “adds Salvador.

Shows and Events

Biquad is always present in the main fairs of the broadcast sector and, in 2017, could not be different. The company will be present at various events throughout the world in order to present its intelligent solutions to the whole market.

In the second half of 2017, SET Expo (Brazil), CAPER (Argentina), Expotec (Peru), Tecnotelevisión & Radio (Colombia) are some of the opportunities that the market will have to closely check all the quality and technology that makes up the equipment line from the company.


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