We are working normally

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We are working normally
To our clients, friends and partners
We inform that Biquad Broadcast is working as usual and has been taking every prevention measure against COVID-19. Biquad has adopted emergency measures that do not affect our industry’s production and commercialization functioning.
Our strategies are carefully preventive against COVID-19 and, at the same time, strengthen our logistics, keeping our commitment and excellence to continue serving our broadcasting clients.
Strategically located in Santa Rita do Sapucaí – Minas Gerais, our industry has the ideal logistics to deliver products anywhere in Brazil and in the world.
We have our commercial team on duty, because we know that unexpected things can happen.

Call: +55 (35) 3471-6399
E-mail: sales@biquadbroadcast.com
WhatsApp: +55 (35) 99811-3802

We believe the future is built from hope, optimism and union. Union which gives us hope to face these difficult times. Prevention is our greatest ally on minimizing the impacts this pandemic can cause. We wish that after this turbulence, everyone can go back to their normal lives with health and faith of better times.
We are Biquad, which, amid the probations and difficulties happening throughout the world, looks for intelligent solutions for broadcasting.